LIXELLE®, β2-microglobulin adsorption column for dialysis-related amyloidosis patients

Treatment with the LIXELLE® system is indicated for dialysis-related amyloidosis patients not responding to conventional medications.[1] The LIXELLE® column is designed to adsorb β2-microglobulin. It’s filled with cellulose porous microspheres coated by hexadecyl hydrophobic group as a ligand (Figure 1).[2][3]

Figure 1

Total proteins, albumin and immunoglobulins levels and complement factors are not affected by this adsorption mechanism. [4] Clinical studies demonstrated that therapy with LIXELLE® reduced bone cysts and improved clinical amyloidosis correlated symptoms.[5][6]

LIXELLE® is used in-series with a dialyzer. The extracorporeal circuit for using LIXELLE® is schematically demonstrated in the figure shown below.

Flow scheme – LIXELLE®

LIXELLE® is available in two sizes:
  • adsorbing volume: 150 ml
  • priming volume: 65 ml
  • adsorbing volume: 350 ml
  • priming volume: 177 ml


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