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Efficient separation and harvesting of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs)

CellEffic BM is a filter-based cell processing device. The filter allows for:

  • Efficient recovery of MSCs based on CFU-F (1)
  • Genomically and functionally equivalent MSCs to a density centrifugation media (2)
  • Reduction of contaminating red blood cells (RBCs)


Characteristics of CellEffic BM

The CellEffic BM device is:

  • intended to separate and harvest MSCs from human bone marrow (BM) fluid
  • a filter-based device with a pre-connected tubing circuit
  • suitable for volumes in the range of 1 - 30 mL (appropriately anticoagulated BM)
  • also useful in conjunction with automated cell expansion systems
  • produced under ISO 13485 certification
  • a medical device
  • CE marked